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Sunsoft Services Inc., specializes in providing outsourcing solutions to companies in a wide range of industries.

We leverage our expertise to provide a comprehensive suite of services that span platforms and products. Our high quality solutions increase efficiencies, streamline processes and target strategic business objectives, while at the same time reducing the costs associated with developing and maintaining systems and support.

Sunsoft Services Inc, our outsourcing experience spans more than a decade and includes proven expertise in areas such as systems development and maintenance, production systems support, quality assurance testing support, software infrastructure upgrades and business process management – all offered at a substantial savings from our clients' traditional internal resources.

We provide our clients with:

  • Business, leadership and domain expertise
  • Seamless delivery complemented by a strong Project Management Office and tested communications strategies
  • Reliable, tested infrastructure
  • Our expertise and national/Services access to human capital resources enable us to perform as an integrated team, providing our clients with seamless delivery of timely, high quality services, as well as: Improved project management
  • Cost competitive solutions
  • Space savings
  • 24x7 productivity and support
  • Worldwide support from a single team
  • Solid technical teams with complementary skills
  • Freedom for the client’s staff to work on strategic initiatives
  • Extension of IT resources with minimal management/facility overhead
  • Flexibility to respond quickly in new platform/development paradigms
At Sunsoft Services Inc, we provide a comprehensive suite of IT solutions, ranging from multi-year enterprise-level engagements to more traditional short-term projects.

Finally, we understand the importance of exceeding expectations by delivering on-time, high-quality services. As such, for every engagement, we Clearly define the scope of our agreements in a statement of work, including service level agreements. Implement control procedures to ensure proper change management. Communicate our progress frequently and clearly, highlighting those situations that may potentially impact commitments. Record, track and report metrics to enable accurate measurement of our productivity and assessment of our performance, as well as our ability to meet and exceed our commitments. In short,Sunsoft Services Inc’ seamless delivery and depth of experience results in quality outsourcing solutions at a much lower cost than our clients' traditional internal resources.


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We take the time to understand your needs and provide innovative, tailored solutions to help you achieve your objectives.
  Effective recruitment always begins with a complete understanding of the position requirements, skills sets needed and your organizational culture.

  Experienced, qualified professionals working under your leadership and management to supplement your internal project team or departmental personnel.

We offer you a wide spectrum of services to suit your needs and requirements. We offer services that deliver high-performance websites