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IT Staffing

We provide comprehensive staffing and employment process outsourcing services.

We work as a strategic partner with our clients, which allows you to leverage our vast staffing experience, infrastructure, resources and employment best practices. We are a solution based organization that can provide staffing results to your scenarios; event-based hiring, on-going support or offering individual process components.

Comprehensive Staffing Process Outsourcing Solutions
Today’s employment marketplace requires a high-touch, high-tech staffing system to capture the interest of qualified candidates to fill your open positions. The ability to scale the staffing process, to provide top-quality service to companies and candidates, and to build a candidate-friendly, efficient process are essentials of a world-class staffing system.

We apply decades of experience, best practices, and proven methodologies to your existing process, review expected deliverables and build a successful hiring program to meet and exceed your staffing requirements.

We assist organizations with understanding their current hiring process, designing and implementing new staffing processes while introducing technology, compliance, quality, and metrics.

Services Include :
  • Hiring Process Assessment
  • Staffing Process Redesign
  • Metrics
  • Benchmarking
  • Consulting
  • Staffing Process Improvement
Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions
Research, recommend, design and implement a custom designed sourcing strategy specific to your job openings, market area and hiring needs.
  • Sourcing strategy design
  • Proactive recruitment
  • Sourcing metrics
  • Sourcing plan implementation and administration
  • Vendor management
  • Research
  • Traditional sourcing
  • Diversity sourcing
  • Non-conventional recruiting
  • Networking
  • Relationship based recruiting
Comprehensive Requisition Solutions
Our resources expertly handle all facets of the requisition process including the approval process, proper job description and screening criteria, documentation, updating every step of the process for both internal and external applicants and ensuring compliance throughout the requisition process.
  • Opening the job requisition in your system or our system
  • Update all candidate activity
  • Ensure compliance (EEO / AA) (For US Clients)
  • Monitor candidate activity
  • Ensure timely execution of the hiring process
  • Closing requisition in a responsive manner to ensure proper metrics
Comprehensive Candidate Intake Solutions
Whether your openings are hourly or salaried, we offer a variety of convenient, friendly methods for establishing consistent candidate profiles.
  • Custom built
  • Web
  • Interactive response
  • Call center
  • High-tech, high-touch systems
  • Can be used for a single facility
  • Effective solution for both large and small hiring scenarios for local or national needs
Comprehensive Prescreening Solutions
We build custom prescreens that meet the needs of each client’s position, location and unique organizational characteristics that assess the candidate’s initial eligibility as a job-fit.
  • Each candidate is provided a realistic job preview
  • Ability to rank and filter all candidates
  • Advances only job-fit candidates
  • Collects pertinent candidate data producing powerful metrics (sourcing, skills)
  • Real-time deployable solutions
Comprehensive Interviewing Solutions
We possess the distinct advantage of being able to handle high-volume interviews at a moment’s notice either face-to-face or by phone, using either your guide or developing a custom, valid interview as well as handling all the logistics of interview scheduling between the candidate and the hiring manager.
  • Skilled bank of trained and certified expert interviewers.
  • Offer evening and weekend availability for candidate interviews
  • Completely automated interview process including scheduling,
    note taking and scoring
  • Candidate Care Center builds relationships with your candidates
    increasing interview effectiveness
  • Instant updates of each interview
Comprehensive Testing Solutions
Our proven experience at administering numerous batteries of skills based and cognitive tests and simulations position’s us to offer the best administration, delivery and instruments for your process. We will utilize your validated test battery or can assist in recommending the right selection tool to meet your needs.
  • Ability to offer
  • Skilled bank of certified test administrators which are readily available
  • Experience at administering phone simulations, we based, pencil and paper,
    and/or pc based tests.
  • Offer standardized and consistent test administration procedures.
  • Offer all aspects of test administration including data tracking, candidate
    scheduling, facility arrangements, reporting, proctoring.
  • Provide testing sessions built around the convenience for the candidate
Comprehensive Hiring Logistics Solutions
The number one goal is to ensure that the candidate has a positive hiring experience. We ensure that the movement and candidate logistics throughout the hiring process exceeds the need of the client and the candidate. Our high-touch Candidate Care Center enables the candidate to move effectively throughout your process.
  • All aspects of candidate and hiring manger scheduling
  • Handle all candidate communications (emails, letters, enquiries, rescheduling, etc.)
  • Dedicated Candidate Care Center to interact with your candidates.
  • Pre-approved scripts.
  • Email communication methods.
Comprehensive Campus Recruiting Solutions
We provide fully customized campus recruiting administrative services which include scheduling campus events, student/school/client communication, completion of paperwork, etc. We can provide standardization while alleviating dedicated recruiting team of administration tasks.
  • Dedicated central point of contact
  • Represent client when communicating with schools and students.
  • Handle coordination of campus career fairs, presentations/information
    sessions, and national conferences.
  • Coordinate resume collection/screening process.
  • Confirm all details prior to each event.
  • Provide dedicated recruiting team with packets and links prior to event
    containing all details (i.e., schedule resumes, maps, result forms, etc.).
  • Maintain results in tracking system and send communication to students.


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We take the time to understand your needs and provide innovative, tailored solutions to help you achieve your objectives.
  Effective recruitment always begins with a complete understanding of the position requirements, skills sets needed and your organizational culture.

  Experienced, qualified professionals working under your leadership and management to supplement your internal project team or departmental personnel.

We offer you a wide spectrum of services to suit your needs and requirements. We offer services that deliver high-performance websites